About us

Welcome to Business Associates™ and

our unique Value Activator™ system

Unlike ‘traditional’ business brokers, we begin working with you well in advance of marketing your business, using our unique VA (Value Activator) System™.

 This helps maximise the likely sale price of your business.

In order to give your business the professional attention it deserves, we limit the number of clients we work with at any given time.

 This ensures that you receive our undivided attention throughout the process.

Business Analysis

A detailed analysis of the key factors that drive the value your business and these align with ‘the market’.
From this we will provide a report outlining what you can do i.e. the ‘work-ons’ to enhance the marketability and value of your business.

Implementation Program

Having identified the areas to work on we can work with you to help implement the changes required to prepare your business for marketing

Market Appraisal

Once your business is ready for marketing, we will present a written appraisal of the realistic market price. Note that this IS NOT a registered valuation – we are not qualified valuers.

Value Dossier™

Unlike a ‘traditional’ business broker focused on ‘the sale’, Business Associates™ will begin working with you well in advance of marketing your business, to ensure that it is ‘Sale Ready’ and positioned to obtain the best possible price and terms. The traditional business broker will normally prepare a summary IM (Information Memorandum) to make available to potential purchasers. Inevitably the IM is normally “too little, too late” and adds little or no value to the likely sale price. Prospective purchasers may have lots of questions and if they are not answered in a timely and thorough manner, they often become disinterested and “go stale”. Also, there is nothing more frustrating and disruptive than a relatively ill-prepared broker coming back to you constantly for urgent information requests.

In contrast, Business Associates™ unique VA (Value Activator) System™ positions your business for maximum value – whenever you want to exit. We ideally begin working with you well in advance of marketing your business so that not only do we maximise the likely sale price but we also become intimately familiar with your business, and in a position to respond to most inquiries without having to bother the business owner every time.
Buyers don’t like surprises. By reviewing every facet of the business and addressing any issues that could appear during the sale process the VA System™ helps avoid any unpleasant surprises.

The VA System™ will also identify and ‘qualify’ everything, often overlooked by traditional brokers, that may potentially make your business more appealing and add further value. This may include customer databases, proprietary products and/or techniques, well-maintained equipment, secret recipes, customized software programs, or special employees etc. These are termed “off-balance sheet items,” and although not generally used in traditional pricing models, they can add significant value.

The VA System’s ‘Value Dossier™’ is a detailed, professional compilation of just about everything that a prospective buyer/investor and/or their professional advisors will need to make an informed decision about whether to progress with your business. Your business will stand above and apart from other options that the purchaser or investor may be considering.

A Value Dossier is tailored to your business but will normally include detailed information and/or analysis around the following key business areas:

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Systems & Documentation
  • People


  •  Supporting documentation
What’s Involved?

The Value Dossier™ is a comprehensive, professional document that substantiates the unique value of your business.

We typically need:

  • Several 1-3-hour sessions with you and/or your team
  • Access to your Accountant / Financial Statements

Marketing Implementation

Now its time to formally market your business – either for sale or to attract equity/investors. Your investment in the VA (Value Activator) System should ensure a common, fact-based understanding around the realistic value. With an intimate understanding of your business and armed with The Value Dossier we are in a position to obtain the best possible value for your business.

Eliminate the Surprises

No one likes surprises – most of all potential buyers. Unexpected issues can disrupt, delay or stop a sale. Whether legal, accounting, environmental, or anything else – solve it now!

Our thorough Marketing Implementation process normally includes:

  • Finalising the business appraisal for the purpose of marketing & promotion
  • Developing and implementing a Custom Strategic Marketing Plan for the sale of your business
  • Working with potential buyers who we may have identified in advance of any formal promotion. Ideally, we aim to sell your business to pre-qualified buyers without having to formally promote it
  • Screening and fielding questions from potential buyers
  • Introducing buyers to financing options
  • Negotiations and deal structuring
  • Facilitating due diligence, and handling all of the many transactional details