Selling Checklist

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There is some fundamental information that must be assembled before marketing your business. Following is a checklist:
  • Three years’ profit and loss statements – ideally audited; and as current and accurate as possible. If you’re part-way through the current year ensure you have last year’s figures and tax returns, and also year-to-date figures, normally via GST returns.
  • List of plant and equipment including the depreciated values
  • The lease and lease-related documents
  • • Copies of any operations manuals, systems & processes
  • A list of the loans against the business (amounts and payment schedule)
  • Copies of any equipment leases/rental agreements
  • A copy of the franchise agreement, if applicable
  • Copies of employment agreements together with job descriptions
  • Schedule of staff (employees and/or contractors) including brief summary of their role
  • An approximate amount of the inventory on hand, if applicable
  • The names of any outside advisors/professionals